Hiring a Landscape Contractor

When you’re ready to choose your Landscape Contractor, choose wisely. You are placing your trust in this company to work with you in achieving your goals. Here are some things to think about to assist you in choosing who to hire to be your Landscape Contractor.

 Have a consultation meeting to start with. Communicate with them what your ideas are, what your tastes are, and what your budget is. Are they listening to you? It’s important to work with a team that’s there to achieve your objectives. Once your objectives are communicated and understood, then they will be able to provide solutions to you that fit into your criteria.

 Look for proven skills in the company. Look at examples of their work. Check them out online. Look for affiliations, accreditations, and certifications. Make sure they have insurance.

 Check around to see what people are saying. Read the testimonials on the website. Look at the Facebook or Houzz comments. See if the company will give you a list of previous customers that you can call and talk to about their experiences. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Look at photos of their work. They should be able to provide a way for you to see photos of lots of jobs to get a feel for the kind of work you do.

 How are the business ends of things handled? Will you get a phone tree when you call? Will you have a personal contact person from the beginning to the end of your project and beyond? Do they call you back right away?

 Is there a Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer that will work closely with you? Take a look at examples of the design work. Look at their computerized landscape design skills. Is the Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer solution oriented? Finally, consider their dedication. Is the company ready to serve you? Do they stand by their work?

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For over 25 years Landscapes by Tom has been servicing New Hampshire, offering complete landscaping and hardscaping services, both residential and commercial.

Our customers say we are one of the most dependable companies that service all of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

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