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Fire Pit Ideas

Ahhh, summer in New Hampshire! Let’s have a fire in the back yard! Do you have a fire pit? If not, here are a few fire pit ideas for you. These fire pit ideas include the surrounding patio seating areas, of course. There are so many different types of fire pits ideas.

Perhaps you’re interested in masonry patios (which are natural stone patios), or you may be interested in the brick paver type patios. Outdoor fireplace ideas and other fire pit ideas are all part of your hardscape design. The fire pit may be made out of a simple ring of fieldstone, or made with concrete blocks which come in kits specifically to create a fire pit. We’ll look at 3 different fire pit ideas here.

Here are a few photos to give you some inspiration:

1. FIELDSTONE FIRE PIT RING WITH A SURROUNDING PATIO: First of all, any patio landscaping area needs to be level, so if the area has a slope, install a retaining wall to create a level area. A ring of fieldstone with sand in the base makes a simple fire pit. Make sure to have the patio large enough to have chairs move in and out and be able to walk around them. The masonry patio in this photo is irregular bluestone. Simple, natural feel to this look.

2. CONCRETE BLOCK FIRE PIT KITS: Concrete blocks are not only made to create beautiful retaining walls, they also come in kits to create fire pits. Usually, these make a low, raised block ring. They can be circular, square, or rectangular in shape. A metal liner is used to protect the blocks from heat, and you can get a grate for the top too! These types of fire pit ideas are cost effective and fast to install. Some of these types of kits can even have a stone-looking veneer on them and a cap. There are some very cool options in kits available on the market.

3. CUSTOM FIRE PIT: There’s probably endless ways to make a unique fire feature. What ideas do you have? Your hardscape design may include a custom masonry patio or any number of other fire pit ideas. The photo here shows a “Pennsylvania Thin Stone” fire pit with a bluestone cap. The hardscape design includes a Belgard ‘Arbel’ paver patio with looks quite a bit like a natural stone masonry patio.

HINT: Here’s a good idea. Lay out the design on the grass with a rope or hose and outline the fire pit ring. Then actually put your furniture in the area and see how it feels. Give enough space for furniture and grills and foot traffic.

Also remember to keep in mind where you’ll stack your fire wood.

Great hardscape design often times includes masonry patios and cool fire pit ideas!

Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your summer nights on your own back yard fire pit patio!

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