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Belknap County Landscaping

Landscapes by Tom is located in the heart of Belknap County. We are proud to serve all of our friends and neighbors. If you live in Belknap and are interested in landscaping, we invite you to give the professionals on our staff the opportunity to help you with your next project. We strive to maintain a vision for our home area – one of maintaining a beauty which is unique to our part of the state. Belknap landscaping requires different types of design due to the many types of terrain in the county. There are steep slopes, lakeshores, residential neighborhoods, wide open areas, wooded areas, granite outcroppings, and a wide variety of other challenging situations that make beautiful, unique and interesting landscapes. Landscaping in Belknap offers many opportunities to have beautiful rock walls, beaches, and other features such as rock and paver steps leading up a slope to your front door. Belknap County is home to the residents of Meredith, Gilford, Alton, Center Harbor, New Hampton and Laconia. We like to think of Meredith as the jewel of Lake Winnipesaukee, and it is a privilege to be part of this community.

Meredith is truly a beautiful town. It is proud to boast beautiful landscaping everywhere you look. This town has flower displays throughout the summer, earning it nationwide recognition. With this kind of reputation, it is no wonder that landscaping in Belknap County is important to its residents. Belknap County goes along the entire eastern shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, so naturally, there are countless summer homes and summer attractions in our area. This is a popular vacation spot, so we like to think of Belknap County landscaping as being typically vacation oriented.

We specialize in custom fitting your property to your lifestyle. We would like to encourage you to think of your property as your next Vacation Destination. Think of all of the activities that you enjoy, and make a list of them on paper. You may be surprised at how many of these activities can be suited to your property, making your home more enjoyable for lazy summer days, fun summer parties, and easy maintenance. Your list might read like this: Boating, volleyball, barbecues, beach fun, gardening, cooking, hiking, bird watching, horseshoes, and camp fires. Just think of it! You are having a get-together on a beautiful weekend. The gorgeous new patio has ample room for all of your guests, and there is an outdoor kitchen area near the kitchen door. The burgers are ready on the grill. Your gardens are providing you with the blueberries for desert. After lunch, you could enjoy a game of volleyball on your perched beach, and descend down your stone stairs to the dock and go boating. When you come back, the kids can make sand castles on the beach while you enjoy watching the birds in the nearby trees. You can hike along a nature trail in your own patch of woods and come back to a game of horseshoes in your back yard. Then the evening could be topped off with a campfire in your fire pit overlooking the lake. Why go to a resort when you can have it all? Not to worry! We can design your landscaping to be low maintenance too! If you don’t want to spend much time pruning or mowing, just let us know. There are ideas that we can show you to help reduce your maintenance.

We believe in making sound investments. Invest in your property increase its value. Invest in your time make the best use of your time by not having to travel far. Invest in your peace of mind – love your life and love your property. It’s worth it.

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