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Patio Design

Patios are one of the most desired landscape features that homeowners want. No wonder – patios are the most used feature (other than an entry walk) in our yards. We get hours of enjoyment on our patios. Many types of activities take place on patios. We barbecue, have dinners, have parties, have bonfires, do crafts with the kids, sunbathe, and the list goes on. Therefore, designing our patios is an important thing to consider before actually having a patio installed. Think about the following things when considering patio designs in New Hampshire.

First of all, make a list of all of the activities that you can think of that you will want to be able to do on your patio. Your list may include the things listed above in addition to things such as an outdoor shower, an outdoor kitchen complete with a refrigerator and counter-top, a place to store wood for the bonfire, extra seating space for all of the grand-kids, outdoor lighting, fragrant flowers planted nearby, a water feature next to your seating area, a shade tree if there is too much direct sun, etc. Many homeowners in New Hampshire are fortunate enough to have fantastic views of lakes and mountains. If you have a great view, of course you will want to place the patio where you can enjoy that too. The next thing to do with your New Hampshire patio design is to lay your desired patio area out on graph paper. Our designers will be happy to help you with this process. The patio can be designed to properly lay out living room space, dining space, kitchen space as well as always keeping in mind maintaining a good traffic flow. When the patio is laid out onto graph paper and you like how the space works, you also will need to be thinking about what kind of surface you want on the patio. Do you want a natural bluestone patio? Natural stone is a product and is a very fitting material to use in New Hampshire patio design. Natural stone can be done in both irregular shaped stone or more geometrically shaped stones which have been cut into squares or rectangles. Other products are available to use in the category of bricks. There is a huge selection of bricks to choose from which will give you some very interesting looks. Stone or brick; whatever you choose – you will have a patio that will endure for many years of use.

There may be other considerations for your New Hampshire patio design as well as what we’ve already discussed. For example:

  1. Does your property fall under any of the DES rules for shore land protection? If so, the impervious areas on your yard will be looked at and your patio size can not exceed what the DES will allow. You may also look into using “permeable pavers.
  2. Is your patio going to be located where there will be any grading required?
  3. Where is the drainage pattern for the patio area?

If you are interested in having a patio installed on your property, let one of our designers help you with the design. You will be sure to enjoy the process of seeing your patio develop!

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