White Gardens

Need some serenity in your life?  Are you only home during the evenings?  Are you a night owl?  Does your home landscape design need a unifying theme?  

Try a White Garden! A White Garden is one where the flowers are all white, and many leaves have white too.  It’s amazing the feel that a garden like this has.  So elegant and peaceful!  If you’re a fan of all-white Christmas lights, you know what I mean.

What you may not have thought of is how a white garden can really be enjoyed at night time.  The white flowers actually glow under the moonlight or your outdoor lighting.  If you are home in the evenings, this may appeal to you.  Imaging sitting out by the firepit with a couple of friends, and the glow from the fire is reflecting off of the white flowers in the surrounding garden.  

If you’ve read our “Landscaping Design Basics” blog, or just have a basic understanding of design principles, you’ll know that UNITY is an important design rule.  Having a consistent color theme in the garden is one way to achieve ‘unity’ in the composition.  A white garden really is beautiful, so consider this when developing your home landscape design.  

Make sure your ‘white garden’ area of your home landscape design incorporates plants that bloom at different times of the year so that the garden can be enjoyed spring through fall.Plant in groups for maximum visual impact.

When choosing the plants, be sure to select the ones suited to your site such as shade or sun loving plants, etc.  If you plan ahead, you’ll be sure to have success!  Here are a few plants to consider when planting a White Garden.  This is, of course, only a partial list. And don’t forget the white Annuals!

Spring Blooming: White Iris(perennial), White Astilbe(perennial), White Bleeding Heart(perennial), White creeping Phlox(perennial), White Rhododendron(shrub), White Lilac(shrub), Bridal Wreath Spirea(shrub)

Summer Blooming: Leucanthemum (Daisy) (perennial), White Liatris(perennial), White Daylily(perennial), White Coneflower(perennial), White Garden Phlox(perennial), White Delphinium(perennial), Japanese White Spirea(shrub), White Potentilla(shrub), White Hydrangea(shrub)

Fall Blooming: White Yarrow(perennial), White Sedum(perennial), Some ornamental grasses (perennial), White Hydrangea(shrub)

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