Choosing your Landscaping Materials

Look at this photo.  Landscaping doesn’t just happen.  Choices need to be made regarding the design style, the layout, and the choices of materials to use.  

First of all, the bluestone cap stones on the wall and pillar make a huge difference and give a clean polished look to the overall design.  “Clean” was a design preference of our customers, and they loved this look.  

The pillar and wall are constructed out of “Pennsylvania Thin” Stone and are a beautiful natural material choice.  The more linear look to these stones also lends itself to a natural yet clean look.  The wall is finished on both sides which creates a perfect “sitting wall” for overflow guests and it just helps to define the edge of the patio space.  

The pillar stands there to mark the entrance to the walkway going to the boat house.  

The patio and walk surface are constructed out of “Belgard” brand ‘Arbel’ pavers.  This paver is a concrete product that resembles the look of natural bluestone, but at a lower cost.  These pavers come in several colors and have a more even surface for furniture than natural stone does.  Notice the edge of the pavers has what we call a “soldier course” of pavers.  These are “Belgard” ‘Lafitt’ pavers, and look great when used in this fashion.  They really make a beautiful finished look.  All in all, these materials choices look fantastic together.  

Your project will be unique to you.  Unique to your tastes and site requirements and budget.  You may choose natural stone patios, or fieldstone walls, or a paver driveway.  Many materials are available, so just like when you build a house, there’s choices that need to be made that will ensure that you get exactly what you want.  The look, the style, your tastes, and all fitting into your budget.  We will be glad to consult with you for your project regarding materials choices.  We can give you our ideas and show you some brochures and photos.  It’s an exciting and fun process!

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