Fall “To-Do” List

So, fall has arrived, and now you’re done with all the gardening chores? Not so fast!!!

Here is a TO-DO list for the fall gardener.

 Rake or blow leaves off of the lawn. You’ll help prevent lawn diseases this way.

 Get your tool storage area organized

 Clean and oil your pruning tools

 Clean, sharpen and oil the blades on the lawn mower

 Empty fuel out of gas powered tools

 Put anything that shouldn’t freeze in a warmer area (such as liquid fertilizers or marking paint)

 Put tree wrap around immature tree trunks to protect from sun-scald and rodents

 Put reflective markers along the driveway if you use those to mark for the plow

 Protect trees and shrubs from salt and heavy ice damage by covering with things such as a burlap wrap or a wooden teepee

 Do any pruning of trees or shrubs if this is the right time of year for that particular plant

 Cut down and remove foliage from perennials (leave a few inches to catch snow)

 Fall is a good time to apply certain fertilizers

 Contact your Landscape Architects or Landscape Contractors if you know you want to do a spring installation project. The Landscape Architects or Landscape Contractors can take the site measurements now in order to do planning over the winter and make sure you get on the schedule for first thing in the spring.

 Get any permit processes going now for lakeshore projects for next year. Again, contact your Landscape Architects or Landscape Contractors to get the process going early

 DREAM!!! Yes, now that you’ve got all that done, it’s time to dream of next years garden. Make a folder of ideas, notes and anything that would be helpful to you. Perhaps cut out magazine photos of projects that you think you’d like to try. Plan your next spring’s vegetable garden.


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