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Backyard Landscaping

Have you been dreaming of the perfect backyard landscaping? You’re not alone. My idea of the perfect backyard is one that includes my favorite backyard activities incorporated into a beautiful outdoor space. The perfect backyard landscaping for me includes a paver patio with room for comfortable furniture, a fire place with a chimney and a hearth, a brick oven, a grill island and the sound of a waterfall. I might even want to throw in a small sitting wall, a couple of wood boxes and a set of steps that descend towards the lake. Oh, and I don’t want to forget the refrigerator and some night lighting! And a bar height counter with barstools! Ok, maybe that’s enough now!!! Ummm, no, I can’t forget all of the gorgeous planting beds to go around it either!

There are products available that utilize collections of modular type elements to blend seamlessly together. Grill islands, fireplaces, fire pits, hearths and intimate conversation nooks create living spaces that can provide decades of outdoor enjoyment while adding lasting value to your home.

The perfect outdoor living space starts with proper planning. Consider the following things:

  1. Use your strengths; Work with the architecture of your home and its relationship to your property. Make sure you work in concert with the style of your home and the natural contours of your property.
  2. Consider the views from your homes existing windows and doors; Allow your backyard landscaping to be viewed and framed properly when looking out from your windows and doors.
  3. Leave some breathing room; When determining the dimensions of your outdoor room, look beyond the size of your furniture and look to how groups will interact and mingle. Allow for small groups to be able to mingle during parties and family gatherings.

Imagine the possibilities! Any backyard can be transformed into a fabulous extension of your home. Imagine having the ability to prepare gourmet meals for family and friends right in your own backyard. I’m talking about an outdoor kitchen with all of the conveniences and custom features of your current indoor kitchen, including your oven. So, FIRE UP THE GOOD LIFE! A beautiful focal point to your new backyard landscaping could be a brick oven! Brick ovens are ideal for all North American climates and can be used year round, even up north like we are here in Meredith, New Hampshire. You can cook absolutely anything in a brick oven.

Studies have shown that the installation of a beautiful outdoor kitchen or living area can actually cost less than your typical indoor kitchen remodel. Like most indoor kitchen updates, you can also expect your outdoor room to return 100% of it’s value from day one, and as much as 200% of its original cost at resale. (Information from Belgard Hardscape Company). Not only can you add fun to your lifestyle, you can add value to your property. Invest the smart way, and enjoy it at the same time!

Now you can have the perfect backyard landscaping, that started with the perfect plan within your specific budget and lifestyle.

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