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Our 5 Biggest Requests from Customers

  1. Low maintenance.  Most of our customers here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire are lake home owners, and they want to spend their time enjoying their weekends, not doing mowing and landscaping maintenance. We fulfill requests for ‘no-mow’ and ‘less lawn’ requests quite often.  We also will incorporate plants that aren’t too fussy, and don’t require much pruning, deadheading etc.
  2. Shoreline restoration. Many people need their lake shores fixed up.  We will work with the Department of Environmental Services (DES) regarding permitting requirements and do shoreline walls or other shoreline restoration projects. 
  3. Paver Patios with fire pits. Again, in order to enjoy the lake properties, many customers need a patio on which to put their outdoor furniture, grill, etc.  We will assess what your needs are and construct a beautiful patio for you.  Many of our patios incorporate a fire pit. 
  4. Retaining Walls. New Hampshire is known for its mountains and hills.  Therefore, many properties need retaining walls.  We also build those really cool freestanding rock walls like you see along the roads. 
  5. Lots of color and beauty with the plants. And why not?!  We love to design our planting beds to make sure that there is something blooming at any time of the year.  If you are only at your lake property during one certain time of the year, we’re glad to make sure that’s when the majority of blooming happens. 
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