Waterfront Retaining Walls

We specialize in waterfront properties.  Contact us for your waterfront retaining wall needs in New Hampshire.  We design and build boulder, stone, and rock waterfront retaining walls.  This is one area where you don’t want to hire just anyone.  You can count on us!  We are trained and experienced in waterfront projects.  Be a smart and informed consumer.  Ask us to view our portfolio of many types of finished projects.  Ask our customers about their experiences, read our testimonials, look at our affiliations and credentials.  Then, talk to us about your vision.  We will listen to your goals and come up with a detailed professional landscape design and proposal for you.  We will also walk you through the DES permitting process to help ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Waterfront retaining walls are a specialized type of project. Be informed of all the ins and outs of these types of projects in New Hampshire before you start to build.
  • You will need to comply with DES (Department of Environmental Services) permitting requirements.  This is a detailed process and usually takes several months.  Some permits are quick, but check with the DES to see what your project will entail.
  • Sometimes theDES permitting will require that you obtain a land survey.  Ask about this in your consultation visit.
  • DES permitting can also require that a professional landscape design be submitted.  This plan will cost you some money too, so budget for it.  This plan will include the locations, size and details of the existing and proposed landscaping so that it is clear as to what is to be approved of and constructed.  
  • DES will pay attention to permeable and impermeable conditions on your property. An ‘impermeable’ surface is one which the DES deems does not allow water absorption into the soil.  A permeable surface does allow water infiltration.  This is simplified, but the takeaway is that they will be telling you things such as how many square feet of impermeable surfaces you will be allowed, and they may also require other things such as ‘Rain Gardens’ or ‘Permeable Pavers’.  We can help you through this maze of information.  
  • All waterfront retaining walls will require a DES permit.
  • Waterfront walls are usually constructed when the water level of the lake is down.Erosion control measures such as silt fences and turbidity curtains will need to be used to protect the lake.

Call us today!  We’ll start with a consultation, show you lots of photos and information on the subject, come up with a professional landscape design and work with you right through the permitting process and the entire construction phase and beyond.  Our goal is happy customers!  

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