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Curb Appeal

How do you get that much needed curb appeal?  
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Fall "To-Do" List

Here is a TO-DO list for the fall gardener.
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Fall Is The Time To Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

You will want to give the bulbs about 2 months for root development before the first hard frost, so plant your bulbs in early to mid fall.
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Choose The Right Hedge Plant

You will need to assess your needs and your site conditions when choosing the right hedge plant. Think of the following considerations:
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Fire Pit Ideas

Do you have a fire pit? If not, here are a few fire pit ideas for you.
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Hardscape Design

A ‘hardscape’ simply means the ‘hard’ elements in your landscaping such as Retaining walls, Paver Walks, Outdoor Fireplaces, Patios, etc.
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Hiring a Landscape Contractor

Here are some things to think about to assist you in choosing who to hire to be your Landscape Contractor.
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How To Attract Butterflies and Bees

Pollinators want food, water, and shelter. Have your backyard design include some of these ideas.
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How to Water Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs

Let’s say you don’t have an irrigation system. Here’s a few pointers.
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Incredible Mailbox Idea

This project gives the mailbox some major attention! This Is definitely an attention grabber, and I’ll bet that the snowplow won’t knock this one over!
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