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Granite Steps are a Great Choice!

Need some exterior stone steps?  Consider using Granite.  

This type of stone step will provide you with Beauty, Safety, Design Flexibility, Durability, and added value to your property.


I mean… just look at them!  You can’t go wrong.  Nothing looks quite as classy as granite for so many of your construction projects.  Kitchen countertops don’t hold a corner on the market for granite in your home improvement projects.  Granite in unsurpassed when looking for a material for your landscaping.  Not only can granite be used for steps, but it can be used for many other landscaping needs such as mail box posts, light posts, wall caps, pillar caps, cobblestone edging, etc.  


Granite is a durable, non-slip surface.  This is an important feature.  Some stone products can get slippery when wet, but not granite.  This makes it an ideal choice for exterior steps.  It is also unaffected by ice melting products, so they’re great for our New Hampshire winters.  


Granite steps can be purchased in many shapes and sizes.  We can even get them custom cut for special situations.  They can be used for very large, long entrance steps such as in commercial sites, or nice large impressive steps like what you see in the photo, or even small steps for small spaces and also steps such as ½ round entry steps.  If a design can be dreamed up, the granite can be customized to suit.  


Um, hello!!!  It’s GRANITE!  Granite will last for generations, resists freeze-thaw cycles and is virtually maintenance free.  What more could you ask for?  It will far exceed other landscaping choices for steps such as concrete, wood or brick.  Hands down, granite is an unbeatable choice for durability.


I have other blogs written about landscaping increasing your homes value, so if you’re interested, perhaps you’d like to go look at that blog.  It’s true.  Professionally done landscaping will help to increase the value of your property, and granite is a valuable choice of products to use, just as it is for kitchen countertops.  

Not to mention, New Hampshire is the GRANITE STATE!  

So, keep it local!

Granite is an easy choice.


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