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The photo here shows a project that is nearing completion.  We’ll be posting some great ‘after’ photos when it’s done, so watch for those!  But, as you can see here, this place calls for some majorly fun OUTDOOR LIVING experiences!  What you don’t see in this photo, is that this terraced patio overlooks the lake.  What you DO see here is an ‘almost-completed’ outdoor living dream-come-true!

When we first designed this place, there was a big slope here of overgrown plants that was unusable and just plain drab to look at.  Now, the space has maximum use.  The patio was designed to have enough space for some great furniture arrangements, and area to walk and stand near the fireplace.

The Fireplace is the centerpiece, of course!  It’s got an awesome chimney, a hearth, a mantle, wood storage boxes on each side, and even built in areas for sound system speakers!  This place is wired for fun!

The graceful, upscale curved granite staircase greets you as you approach the main patio.

The railing and lighting is not installed yet in this photo, so that will really be awesome in the final photos that we hope you’ll be looking for in the near future.  The hedge in the background will also be extended.

There is a smaller patio area at the base of the wall in the left of the photo which allows for some chairs to sit and look out over the lake.  

Outdoor living at it’s finest!  Please stay tuned…


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