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It’s time to talk about planning your landscape projects

The key to any well-done project is good planning.  If all you need is a simple patio or a basic walkway, then those simple projects usually don’t need a plan in an of themselves.  But if you’re thinking ahead, you may find that you want your entire property planned out for best results so that one element flows seamlessly into the next.  

If you were to build a house, you’d need to start with a plan.  It’s that same idea here.  

Starting with a plan is a great idea for a variety of reasons.

  1. It’s a great communication tool between the homeowner and the installation contractor.
  2. It may be necessary if your project requires DES permitting.
  3. A plan is essential for properly done budgeting.

Landscape Designs can take a while to come to the final stage, so getting in touch with the Landscape Designer early in the season is a great idea.  Since the property will need to be physically assessed and measured in order to do an accurate plan, the designer will meet with you as soon as at least most of the snow is off the ground.  Plan early for a summer or fall installation. 

A landscape plan / design is a great communication tool between the homeowner and the installation contractor:

Our landscape designer starts by a consultation with you.  In this meeting, we will talk to you about your needs and ideas.  We will give you some ideas as well.  If you accept our landscape design fee and contract, then we will begin the exciting process of designing a custom landscape for you!  A PDF of your design can be discussed through email / phone until we come upon an agreement of the layout.  The details of our design service will be provided to you.  We can customize every detail of your landscape design to fit you to a ‘T’.  A plan will ensure that you know exactly what we’re talking about.  No guess work and sloppily done sketches here, just professionally done computer generated designs as per your approval.  

A landscape plan helps the designer communicate effectively with the installation crew too.  This insures that the integrity of the design is maintained.  

It may be necessary to have a plan done if your project requires DES permitting:

Shoreland and Wetland properties in New Hampshire need to obtain Department of Environmental Services permits for many landscaping projects.  We can help to determine if your project will need permitting or not, and help you to obtain the proper permitting required.  

A landscape plan is essential for properly done budgeting:

A well -done landscape plan can lay out the various elements of your landscaping and give you budgets to expect for each element of the landscaping.  So, even if you take several years to complete all of the work, it is great to be able to budget ahead for what costs to expect.  No guess work, and tons of afterthoughts.  




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