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Interesting Front Entryways

The front door just sets the tone, doesn’t it? Well, maybe you’ve never thought of it that way. But think of it. Your guest walks up to the door, knocks, stands there and looks around for a minute. What do they see? It doesn’t matter what they see, it will give them an impression; good or bad.

Your Landscape Architect will consider your entry’s visual impact in the home landscaping design. It should speak to your tastes and who you are. It should be welcoming. It should not be messy and unruly. Here’s a couple of ideas to give you some inspiration when speaking to your Landscape Architect or coming up with your own home landscaping design.

There are 2 photos above to give you a little inspiration.

One has a curved walk with an interesting stone pattern near the door. It can be as simple as that. Just a change in the paving pattern can be really unique.

The other has a low stone wall (finished on all sides) as the backbone of the landscape design, and there is a crushed stone path with a granite bench to add a welcoming appeal. This little garden area creates a really interesting front entryway. The homeowners even put a little metal goat in the garden for a whimsical touch.

The ideas are endless, so don’t forget to add interest to your front entry. Ask your Landscape Architect about developing a home landscaping design that will reflect your own personal ideas.


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