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Landscaping as an Investment

Is your home missing that special \'something\'? Would it look \'So much better\' if it had some really fun gardens at the front of the home, just beckoning you to come take a look?  Gardens that really say \"Welcome to our home\"? These kind of emotional responses to the first look at your home are often referred to in the real estate profession as \"Curb Appeal\". The nicer the first impression that your home exudes, the better the overall reaction to your home. There is really no way to accurately compute the return on your investment when it comes to landscaping as an investment, but \'curb appeal\' is one of the most obvious things to consider improving if you want to sell your home. A nicely landscaped home can have a significant price and selling advantage over a home with no landscaping.

There is much more to landscaping than just an afterthought of a few shrubs. Buyers will not be impressed with a boring, unmanicured bed. Well thought out designs, along with maturity of plant sizes and a clean appearance are things that will give a positive emotional response from a potential buyer. Make sure that your landscaping has good planting design, and keep the plants well trimmed and deadheaded. Keep the edges of the bed neat by doing things such as \'hand trenching\', adding curbing, or other edging materials. Keep the beds well weeded and fertilized to give the bed the maximum effect. Doing small investments of money by edging, weeding, mulching, and fertilizing can pay you back quite handsomely.

Good landscaping is actually one of the only property improvements that you can do that will actually increase in value over time. Think about it; paint chips, rugs get stained, decor goes out of style over time. Landscaping, however, just grows and gets better with age. By just doing the things mentioned above - like regular weeding - your beds have the potential to increase in value over time. You would do well to consider landscaping as an investment.


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