When we first started this project, there was a beautiful home with a minimal amount of landscaping existing at the front of the home. As always, a new landscaping project begins with an idea. The idea in this instance was to enhance the planting beds by creating pleasing, flowing lines, and incorporate a variety of plants. The customer wanted to use lots of perennials. The home just needed to be embraced by a beautiful garden and needed to say “welcome”.
Residential landscape designs NH
First, we generated a computerized landscape plan with a coordinating photo-realistic image. This allowed the customer to visualize the landscaping, and they decided that they wanted to make a couple of changes. The changes were made, and the project began.
Computer design
 Computerized landscape plans
When the landscaping was completed, the customer was extremely pleased. They knew ahead of time what to expect, and they said that the final results were even better than they imagined!
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