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Roz and Art von der Linden
Several years ago we remodeled our home in preparation for retirement.  We did an addition and updating, and the equipment made a mess of our yard.  Additionally, our 30 year old steps to the lake were severely deteriorated.

We interviewed several landscapers for ideas and prices, and selected Landscapes by Tom.  Tom and Martha were very thoughtful, listened to our ideas, and brainstormed alternative ideas so we  could decide on a plan.   They provided a way to do a "stagged" project so that the financial hit didn't occur in one year, but we decided to "just do it".  So, we land scaped the street side of the house, and put in new steps and landscaping on the lake side of the house.

Their work crews were very friendly and diligent.  They worked in the sun, the wind and the rain (a lot of the latter).  Tom was present several times a day to supervise and the project went extremely well.  We certainly touched bases at the beginning and end of each day.  We liked all of the plantings instqlled except one set of 5 plants, and Tom made us very happy with a new selection.

Now, we use Tom for the spring clean up, and they make sure our landscaping is in good shape.  They even coordinate with the sprinkler  company so that when we return for the summer everything is beautiful and "in automatic".  Our project was designed to be maintenance free after the cleanup, no lawn to mow, etc.

We were extremely pleased with the the design and work provided by Tom, and we continue to count Landscapes by Tom as a friend and as one of our best contractor experiences ever.  we can't heap enough praise upon them!
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