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Marty & Jo Berman
We have a modest home on a small lot in Meredith. For twenty years we struggled with the "natural" state of the area that leads from our driveway, down a several foot drop slope, to our rear deck stairs. The groundcover consisted of treacherous rocks, sand and dirt....just plain ugly.

Martha and Tom worked with us on a plan to add topsoil that would even the slope and cover all of the protruding rocks. They also added a natural granite stepped path that now provides a pleasant entry to our rear deck, a rounded stone area for our fire pit, and seeded grass for that entire side which finishes the area nicely.

I was most impressed with Tom and Martha's willingness to work within our budget, and enjoyed the cooperation of their crew when they tackled our job. And, most importantly, they did not disappear after the work was done. They have been back at our home multiple times to nurse the grass cover and make sure that everything takes as promised. We would highly recommend Landscapes by Tom to anyone in our region.
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