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Incredible Mailbox Idea

Don’t let your home landscaping design neglect to give your mailbox some attention. This project gives the mailbox some major attention! This Is definitely an attention grabber, and I’ll bet that the snowplow won’t knock this one over!

Some mailbox ideas that are similar to this one come a little more ‘pre-fab’ using concrete landscaping blocks, but this one is totally custom. It is gorgeous and compliments the home beautifully.

We started with getting wiring for the light to the location. Then, we put the wiring in a conduit and poured the foundation. This thing is heavy! In the middle of everything, there is a concrete block center that the wiring goes up through. Then there was a wooden form made so that the corners of the pillar can gracefully arch and make the pillar smaller as it gets taller. The pillar is custom made out of New Hampshire fieldstone. There is mortar on the inside for stability and a ‘dry laid’ look on the outside. There was also a frame made so that the mailbox post could be supported. This post is a sturdy beam that comes out and firmly holds the mailbox.

To top it all off, the electrician came and hooked up the wiring to a beautiful light fixture. The light can be remotely controlled from inside the home. See what ideas you can come up with for your mailbox area. A trellis with a clematis? A small flower garden? Talk to your Landscape Contractor and come up with a home landscaping design that fits your needs.


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