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A patio is one of the most used things that you’ll ever invest in for your yard. Other than a walk to the door, a patio is lived on so it gets a lot of use. What type of patio do you want? Well, to help you with your patio design, here’s a few points to consider.

 How many people do you want to accommodate on your patio?

 How much furniture do you plan on using?

 Need to place a firepit, hot tub, or grill?

 Interested in an entire outdoor kitchen and living area?

 Want something cool like a fountain?

 Consider where you walk (from door to dock? To driveway?) Make sure to leave room for unimpeded foot traffic.

 GO BIG. Seriously, you’ll probably want the patio bigger than smaller.

Once you’ve considered these kinds of ideas, then move on to laying it out and choosing materials. Your patio design should reflect your needs and tastes.

 Do you prefer a natural environment for your seasonal lake home? Consider a natural bluestone masonry patio. A simple ring of rocks will give you that lakeshore vacation feel.

 Perhaps you want the whole shebang! An outdoor fireplace, hearth, wood boxes, fountain, kitchen island, bar, grill... the works. This kind of outdoor living is increasing in popularity and your patio design can incorporate it all.

 Maybe a simple rectangular shaped patio will suffice, but if it’s all the same, a different shape may add a ton of interest.

 Surround your patio with something interesting. How about a short 2-sided “sitting wall” withpillars and lights? How about a low clipped hedge or a nice ornamental patio tree and perennial bed?

 Get a catalog of different paver choices on the market. You’ll find a buffet of shapes and colors.

Keep in mind that any patio surface needs to be level, so if your ground slopes think about installing a retaining wall, terraces, or do your patio on multiple levels.

Finally, once you think you’ve finalized your patio design,... wait!!! Make sure!!! Try actually marking it out on the ground. Use boards, hoses, rope, anything that you can move around to outline the area. Then put your furniture on it. Try walking around and pretend you’re actually using the space. You may find you need to make some adjustments to your patio design.

Then.... Install it and ENJOY!!!


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